UK trust for non-UK high net worth’s with non-UK assets 

Published on May 12, 2022

UK trust for non-UK high net worth’s with non-UK assets 

We live in very uncertain times with once thought reputable governments seizing the bank accounts of ordinary individuals, whether that be in Canada or Australia and because of COVID and you are at the brink of military action.


One place has always been safe and reliable for centuries.  That is the United Kingdom.

The UK has an unparalleled reputation for justice and stability. In today’s world, these are rare commodities.


Many businesses conduct business through a UK company because globally, other businesses trust them. The English courts and English law coupled with the English language mean that disputes can be resolved in a clear and fair way. And at a more practical level the UK last had a hurricane in 1987 so it not due another one for another 165 years. We all know of trust providers whose offices have been flattened in the Caribbean by hurricanes.


Further a lot of trusts have flight clauses in them, allowing them to move jurisdictions in case of emergency for example, the imposition of the Canadian Emergency Powers Act. Where better to fly than to England, the land which invented the trust.


It you said that as long as the Ravens remain at the Tower of London, England shall never fall. The Ravens have no plans to move.

But isn’t it expensive? Yes, if you go to magic circle law firms and very large firms of accountants but the government fees for trusts and companies are minimal (£15 to set up a company and £13 annual registration fee) and in today’s modern world with global internet connectivity, important but routine tasks can be performed in a very cost-effective manner.


But won’t I pay lots of English taxes if my trust is based in the UK? As long as settlor of the trust are not resident or domiciled in the UK, and the assets held are all outside the UK then there should be no UK taxation cost .


Enhance your reputation and sleep better knowing that your trust is located in a very safe jurisdiction in the largest financial centre in the World. Choose the UK and Exsus International as the home for your family trust.


Remember, it is not just your money, it is the money for your future generations.

Except for VAT on these addressed to the trust, however fees most likely be addressed to the underlying assets and holding companies of the trust

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