The Exsus Rebrand

Published on June 18, 2021

Exsus is growing. Like any company that has existed for a while, there comes a point where it is important to regroup and reconsider the values and qualities that the company is expressing. If something is not supporting our ideals, it is time to find a new way to present ourselves. This is an opportunity to highlight all that makes us valuable to our clients and our community. It is also important to work with a designer to find icons that will visually advocate for everything we stand for. To many, this is arbitrary, but the senses and emotions surrounding colour, symbolism, and images are generally subconsciously understood and create memorable experiences, which is what branding must do.

The era of boring old corporate services and mild impersonal advertisements has been going out for some time. Most financial business firms are choosing to make more impactful brands and connect with communities on deeper levels. We are launching the new design in the post pandemic era as an opportunity to set the tone for a prosperous new phase. 

Read more about our re-branding here:

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